Bro. Kenneth Hamilton Ross - Master


It is a great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the website of the The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1² which I hope you find both interesting and informative.

Our Antient Lodge has a long and distinguished history and is reputed to be one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in Scotland if not "The Oldest".  We believe that our Lodge Forebears were the Operative Masons involved in the building of Melrose Abbey founded in 1136, as well as numerous rebuildings of the Abbey in the subsequent turbulent centuries.

As Master of the Lodge, I can assure that any Brother who visits our Lodge will receive a very warm and fraternal welcome.  

Thank you for visiting the website and please visit again soon.

Kenneth H. Ross.

Right Worshipful Master

Whats Next.....

Saturday 22 June 2019 at 9am

The Masons meet the Melrosian at the site of the

Original Lodge at St. John's Wynd in Newstead during the

Tour of Ceremonies to mark the end of Melrose Festival Week.

And Then.....

Monday 24 June 2019 at 7pm

Regular Meeting :: Second Degree

Please Note Earlier Time!

Bro. Ken Installed for a second time.

On the 27 December, St. John’s Day, Bro. Ken Ross was installed as Master of our antient Lodge for the second time by Installing Masters Bro. Alistair Little PM and Bro. James Thom IPM who were ably assisted by Bro. Billy Field PM who assumed the duties of Installing Senior Warden, Bro. Kevin McLeish PM who was Installing Junior Warden along with Bro. Bruce Robertson as Installing Inner Guard. Bro. Andrew Forsyth, Depute Provincial Grand Master presented the VSL to the Master.

Over 60 Brethren were in attendance including a Deputation from The Provincial Grand Lodge of The Scottish Borders, headed on this occasion by the Depute Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Andrew Forsyth.

Following the Ceremony of Installation on a night which was mild for the time of year, over 40 Brethren then supported the Master on the Annual Torchlight Procession (Masons’ Walk) to the spectacular ruins of Melrose Abbey which was led by the Melrose Pipe Band. A brief Oration was delivered to the Brethren and a number of members of the public by Bro. John Thorburn PM, Immediate Past Master of Lodge St. John Fisherrow No. 112.

Afterwards, 38 sat down for the Installation Dinner and Festival of Holy St. John in the George and Abbotsford Hotel and after a satisfying meal a number of toasts and speeches was heard [click here to see the toast list] which included the toast to the Holy St. John which was ably given by the talented Bro. Robin Wilson PM, Master of Lodge St. John Stow No. 216. The toast to the Lodge was proposed by Bro. Kevin Ferguson PM, Master of Lodge St. James BURA No. 424. The Depute Provincial Grand Master replied to the toast to The Grand Lodge of Scotland and The Provincial Grand Lodge of The Scottish Borders and Bro. Gary Duff, Master Mason from the Galashiels Lodge No. 262, gave a rely to the toast to the Visitors.

On conclusion, The Master thanked everyone who had made the day such an enjoyable success.

Honorary Grand Rank Presented

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro. John W. Blackie, along with a small deputation of Commissioned Office-bearers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of The Scottish Borders paid a surprise visit to The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1bis at their Regular Meeting on Monday 3 December 2018. On this occasion the RWPGM had the personal pleasure and privilege in presenting Past Master and Lodge Secretary and also the Provincial Grand Secretary, Bro. Alistair W. Little with Honorary Grand Rank as Honorary Assistant Grand Secretary. A well respected Man and Mason, Bro. Alistair has dedicated many years of expertise to the craft and was Master of the Lodge in 1988-1990. In his capacity of Provincial Grand Secretary he was instrumental in the success of the formation of the new Provincial Grand Lodge of the Scottish Borders. Congratulations and Well Done Bro. Alistair – Very much deserved!

Celebrating 50 Years in the Craft

At the Regular Meeting of The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1bis on Monday 3 December 2018 Past Master Bro. Jim Thornton was presented with a diploma to celebrate Membership of the Craft for 50 years. Bro. Jim was Master of the Lodge 1976 – 1977. Pictured giving their congratulations is Bro. John W. Blackie, Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Jim Thornton PM and Bro. Ken H. Ross, Master of the Lodge.

Lawson Girls Fundraising for Great Causes

On Monday 5 November 2018 The Lodge had a visit from the daughters of our Worshipful Junior Warden, Bro. Brian Lawson. Bro. Brian’s daughters have been fundraising for two charities close to their hearts, Cancer Research and the Macmillan Centre at the Borders General Hospital to which the Lodge contributed. The girls came to have a look around and to thank the Lodge for our support.

Congratulations and well done!!

Pictured is (left) WJW, Bro. Brian Lawson and his daughters along with Bro. Ken Ross, RWM.

The Masons meet the Melrosian

A print of The Old Lodge was presented to Harry J. Fletcher, the 2018 Melrosian, during the Traditional Tour of Ceremonies of the Melrose Festival at the site of the Original Masonic Lodge at St. John’s Wynd in Newstead on 23 June 2018 by Bro. Kenneth H. Ross, Right Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Melrose St. John No.1 bis.

On this occasion the Brethren were accompanied by members of the Galashiels Lodge No. 262 and Lodge St. John Stow No. 216.

Photo Credit: © Douglas Hardie / Melrose Festival Executive

1bis supports the BYSS Annual Sponsored Walk

The Annual Borders Youth Support Scheme Sponsored Walk was hosted by The Haughfoot Lodge No. 1824 on Saturday 21 April 2018 and our Lodge was well represented. The weather was kind and we were treated to a leisurely stroll overlooking the railway line and passing what is thought to have been the location of the original Haughfoot Lodge. After the walk there was refreshments laid on by the Ladies of the Stow Bowling Club after which The Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master gave a vote of thanks. Early indications show that just under £2, 000 had been raised with some further sponsorship to come with the supporters from Melrose raising over £300.

Pictured is Team 1bis - Hector the Dog, Bro. Ken Ross (RWM), Mrs Janis Ross, Bro. James Thom (IPM) and Bro. Alistair Little PM (Secretary). The Sponsored walk next year will be hosted by 1bis. More information can be found about the BYSS on the PGL Website.

Thanks to every one for their Kind Sponsorship!!

Muster of the Antient Lodges

On the 10th June 2017 the Ancient Lodges of Scotland Mustered at Lodge Scoon & Perth, No 3 and fifteen reigning Masters worked on the floor to initiate 2 new members into the lodge. The charity to benefit from the proceeds of the day is to be the Master Mason's charity, Prostate Scotland. Brothers Garry and Josh were welcomed into their ancient lodge. Pictured are the heads of the Ancient lodges, with the RWM of No. 3 and their RWPGM and the two new members. (In photo Front Row Right to Left, Bro Garry E.A., Bro J J R Logan (RWPGM), RWM No 3 (Bro Alexander Moncrieff) and Bro Josh EA. Second Row RWM Mother Kilwinning No 0, RWM The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary Chapel) No 1, RWM Lodge of Melrose, St John No 1 bis, RWM Lodge of Aberdeen No 1 ter, RWM Lodge Edin Kilwinning No 2, RWM Lodge of Glasgow, St John No 3 Bis, On the stairs ascending PM Glasgow Kilwinning No 4, RWM Cannongate and Leith, L& No 5, RWM Old Inverness Kilwinning St John No 6, RWM L. Hamilton Kilwinning, No 7, RWM Lodge of Journeymen No 8, RWM L. Dunblane No 9, RWM Ancient Stirling No 30, RWM St David University Lodge No 36, PM Lodge St Cuthbert Kilwinning No 41, RWM St John Kilwinning No 57, WM The Scots Lodge 2319 (EC). and RWM The Lodge of Kirkaldie No 72.