Gallery - Some Interesting Pictures

01. A. Philpott, Tobacconist and purveyor of fishing tackle, stationary and fancy goods, had the shop below the Lodge (c1950s) which was turned in to a harmony room/social club for sometime.  The door on the far left of the picture is the door to the stairway up to the Lodge.

02. This is how the Lodge looks today.  In 2006  necessary roof maintenance was carried out along with some minor changes inside.  The harmony room was converted back to a shop which the Lodge now rents out to provide a source of income and some financial stability for the future.

03. This was how the inside of the Lodge looked many years ago, take note of the old open fireplace and the murals of the Border Abbeys and decorative art work on the walls, which were sadly lost with the introduction of emulsion paint.

04. This is a more recent photograph of the inside of our Lodge which was taken from the gallery, looking down to the Masters chair in the East.

05. We do not know exactly how old  the Melrose Lodge is, but a wooden plaque just inside the entrance to the Lodge bears the Masons' Coat of Arms with the date 1136.  Above the Coat of Arms are the words "In deo est omnes fides" and below "John Murdo 1st Grand Master of St Johns Lodge Melrose".

06. This stonework, which was salvaged from the original Lodge at Newstead, was attached to the outside of the Lodge and is now displayed on the south wall of the inside of the Lodge, it reads "Stones from the Old Lodge at Newstead and placed here AD 1892. Wm Hart RWM"

07. Brother William Hart was  initiated into the Lodge on 4 May 1869 and served as Master for 5 years from 1887 - 1892 and was Master when the Lodge joined The Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1891.  His Past Masters jewel hangs in the Lodge.

08. The Earl of Lauderdale was The Grand Master Mason at the time when Melrose eventually joined The Grand Lodge of Scotland.

09. Past Master Bro. Adam Ormiston was well known in Melrose as an amatuer cicerone of the Abbey and a seed merchant who was a partner in the business of Ormiston & Renwick based in Melrose.  They used to hire the Lodge room to store seeds in the summer.  It is thought that a character from one of Sir Walter Scott's novels, "The Monastery", was based on Ormiston.

10. This is Provincial Grand Lodge regalia which was gifted to the Lodge by Mr. James H. Rennie on behalf of his late father, Bro. William Rennie PM,  who was the Right Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1908 & 1909 and was Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master 1933-1935.

11. This old apron was presented to the Lodge in 1914 by Monsier De-Dells-Mogue, the Right Worshipful Master of Orleans Lodge. It was said by him to be at least 200 years old at the time.

12. Our Mark Token available from the Lodge at a Mark Degree for only £3.

13. In the early days, the meeting place of the Lodge was located in the nearby village of Newstead.  The building, long since demolished, was the home of the Mein family and appears to have been built in 1613 for there was engraved on a lintel of the house the initials "RM" followed by that date together with the letter "M" and a  representation of  a chisel and a mallet.  A Peter de Mein was involved in the building of Melrose Abbey.  It has been suggested that he was the founder of the Melrose Lodge, but there is no direct evidence of this.  There is evidence, however,  that members of the Mein family were active members of the Lodge over a long number of years.  A tombstone in the family burial ground in the Abbey bears the inscription " Heir lyis Androv Mein Meayson in Nevsteid.......".  He Died in 1624 aged 63.  A Historical Sketch of the Lodge written in 1912 states that the Newstead house was well adapted for Lodge use "being masonically correct to the compass" A painting of the old house done by William Heatlie and finished by Tom Scott in 1891 following Heatlie's death hangs in the Lodge today.

14. This is now what is left of the original Lodge at the end of St John's Wynd in Newstead, it is thought to be a part of the wall or corner of the Lodge. A plaque with the wording "The Original Site - Ludge of Melros St John" is inlaid into the stonework. Each year in June the Melrose Festival tour of ceremonies visit the site of the original Lodge in Newstead which is the first stop of the day where the Melrosian, Festival Principals and followers meet with the Brethren of the Melrose Lodge. The Right Worshipful Master assures the Festival Principals that Freemasonry still continues today as it did since the first stonemasons came to Melrose to build the Abbey which was founded in 1136.

15. The ruins of Melrose Abbey which is a 5 minute walk from our Lodge. It was the first Cistercian Monastery in Scotland which was founded by David the First in 1136.

16. A scene from our annual Torchlight Procession (Masons' Walk) to Melrose Abbey which follows our Installation of our Right Worshipful Master and Office-bearers.